BB14 Precap Episode 5: Sara-Nikki To Lock Horns, Sid To Enjoy Special Treatment; Abhinav To Give up Immunity

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Today, we will see more heated arguments between contestants of Bigg Boss 14. Contestants can withdraw a total of seven items for all of them from the mall per day. As the promo of the episode on 7th October shows, Nikki Tamboli wants to withdraw two items only for herself.

Gauahar Khan, the toofani senior who is in charge of the kitchen, will state clearly that if they can’t have a mutual understanding among themselves about what to withdraw and what not, she won’t serve food to anyone. At this Pavitra Punia will react strongly and say that she will eat, no matter what.

Now it’s another participant Shehzad Deol who will lose his cool and tell Nikki loudly that her demand is very much unfair. Sara Gurpal also will get angry with Nikki. Later in the episode, we will see the women participants to get a task. That is of earning immunity from nominations. They have to do something mind-blowing to impress Sidharth Shukla. They start dancing around the Bigg Boss 13 winner and rain showers on them.

After some light moments, the viewers will see more spats. It is Nikki and Pavitra again who will engage in a spat between themselves. It will beyond control and Pavitra hurt Nikki’s hand.

Then the center of focus will be on Abhinav Shukla. His wife Rubina Dilaik is also there in the house. As per the game’s rules, Rubina has not yet been accepted as a ‘fresher’. The promo shows that tonight Abhinav will be given a tough choice. He has to choose between his own good and his wife’s position. He will be given a choice that either he can keep his immunity or give it away in order to gain the fresher tag for Rubina.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 07 Oct 2020

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