Most beautiful castles in the world which you should definitely visit once

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 31 Oct 2018

Ever dreamed about castles with giant doors and great hallways? Europe and Asia have a beautiful heritage and architectural landscapes.

Here is the list of 10 most beautiful castles in the world.

  • Mont Saint Michel, France

On the most picturesque island community of Normandy, this castle has massive walls surrounded by water. This was for the defense purpose in olden days. It is anointed by UNESCO World Heritage Site as of today. It has striking features and elegant fortress.

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  • Bodiam Castle, England

It is an iconic English castle that comprises of round towers, moats, a massive gatehouse, and other striking and beautiful features. The castle today is converted into a full-fledged museum and is stocked up with family and heritage.

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  • Nagoya Castle, Japan

Raised amid Japan’s Edo medieval period, Nagoya’s causes go back to the 16th century. A warlord grabbed the first structure and called it Nagoya Castle, which was later utilized as a key activities base by the Japanese military amid the WWII.

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  • Windsor Castle, England

Yet again an iconic 11th Century castle with beautiful Georgian styled interiors is a massive get-a-away for all the castle lovers. It has been the biggest England’s tourist attraction and has also been Queen Elizabeth II’s weekend abode.

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  • Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

It worked in the 19th century, its children’s story like superb interest in a normally dazzling combined with world-class innovation makes it an absolute necessity visit fascination in Germany.

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  • Loches Castle, France

This was built in early 12th Century over about 500 meters from Indre River. Currently, it is served as a museum with the best collection of French military memorabilia.

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  • Bojnice Castle, Slovakia

The Count was significantly affected by French Castles in the Loire and intensely adorned Bojnice with tremendous creative accumulations, collectibles and lively embroidered works of art. This castle also underwent a lot of changes.

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  • Bran Castle, Romania

This castle has been used in a lot of storybook castle with Bran and his Dracula novel connection. It has an outdoor museum and great artwork.

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  • Edinburgh Castle

Overshadowing over the city of Edinburgh, this commanding post merits of seeing its rich history and puzzling interest. It is also said to be the most haunted destinations.

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  • Ksiaz Castle, Poland

Built in the 13th Century, it is famous for its eye-catching blue and pink pastel hues and tunnels. the castle was seized by the Nazis during WWII.

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These are simply beautiful and one must definitely explore them once in a life time.

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