“Beta, I am the mother of all fathers” says Kangana Ranaut slamming the trolls aginst her

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 16 May 2021

Kangna Ranaut has again managed to get into the talks, after her twitter suspension she has been very active on her Instagram. Recently she expressed her thoughts about the Israel-Palestine issue where she severely got trolled on twitter, despite of being suspended from twitter #KanganaRanaut was observed as a trend.

Kangana, on Sunday posted her thoughts about genocides in Bengal, and the Israel-Palestine issue as well. Along with her thoughts the actor also pened a note for her haters and trolls who said she has no knowledge about the issue. She wrote “As you can see the video clearly shows how Israel was formed, no it is not an illegitimate nation they earned it back from the British and when they settled the land with UN interference 6 Muslim nations attacked them, since then with every attack on them they are seizing more and more land…because that’s what happens when you win a war… All those crying here and telling me I know nothing.. beta I am the mother of all fathers..aukat mai reh kar baat karna aage se.”


The actor also wrote a note for Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi in her Instagram stories as “Dear Prime Minister As the Hindu genocide continues in Bengal, let me remind you, you promised us Neta Subhash Chandra Bose but delivering Mahatma Gandhi, Hindus are left to defend themselves they are not only fleeting from Bengal but also converting to Islam to save their and their families lives… If you are suddenly taken over by a desire to win Nobel peace prize please know that it will be smeared in Hindus blood …yours Kangana.”

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