Bhairavi Raichura aka Kajal Bhai of Hum Paanch talks about show’s rerun and her role’s popularity

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Amid the lockdown, TV channels are rerunning numerous popular shows that were super-popular back then. One such show is Hum Paanch. This show holds a special place in the audience’s hearts as it made people laugh for a very long time. Bhairavi Raichura, the actress that played the role of popular Kajal Bhai in the show recently talked about this show’s rerun and her role.

On being asked about how she is feeling as the show is rerunning on TV channel, she said that it’s a moment of pride for her as this show is very close to her heart and holds a ton of memories. She got this update from her friend that this show will be telecasted again and it was all happiness for her.

She further opened up about the unique role given by Ekta Kapoor. She said that she had no idea why Ekta chose her for this role. She wondered it might be because of the fact that she has the ‘tomboy’ kind of personality.

Talking about fame and her role’s popularity, Bhairavi said that she comes from a very rooted family and her family members are far away from fame, stardom or popularity. So she always kept in mind not to discuss much fame and popularity with family as they are not very used to it.

Published by Ishan Soni on 21 Apr 2020

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