Bharti Singh opened up being inappropriately touched by show coordinators during her initial days

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Published by Swathy S on 20 Jul 2021

Ace comedian Bharti Singh has recently revealed about the struggles she had to go through during her initial days in the entertainment industry. She opened up about facing inappropriate behaviors being a woman.

Bharti Singh recently came on Maniesh Paul’s podcast where the comedian revealed that she was inappropriately touched by the show coordinators. She expressed that she wasn’t aware and didn’t had the confidence to speak up against it back then.

She told, “The coordinators (of shows) misbehaved sometimes. They would rub their hands on the back. I would know it’s not a good feeling, but then I would think that he’s like my uncle, he can’t be bad. Maybe I am wrong and he is right. So I thought this doesn’t feel right. I had no understanding”.

Bharti shared that now she has got the confidence to speak up. She continued, “I have the confidence to fight now, for my body, for my honour. I can now say ‘what is the matter, what are you looking at, go out we are changing now’. I can speak up now, but I had no courage back then”.

During the conversation with her friend and actor Maniesh, Bharti shared about her life before making it big in the industry. She told that she used to sew blankets with her sister and mother for a living.

The comedian added that “Ghar jaane ka mann nahi karta tha (I didn’t feel like going home). I would stay in college with my friends, and eat at the hostel. I knew once I go back, I would have to face poverty. Live in that dim light”.

Bharti also shared that back then when men from whom her father took debt would come at their house and misbehave with her mother.


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