Bhumi Pednekar appeals Delhi to return empty oxygen cylinders

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Published by Chinmay Kulkarni on 03 May 2021

Bhumi Pednekar through her Social media have been posting sources where patients could find ventilator beds and oxygen supplies, all of these sources are first verified and then posted, she has been working along with certain Instagrammers and organisations to help needy people. Since the oxygen supplies are increasing via various methods there still raises a problem of scarcity of empty oxygen cylinders, many of the cylinders are not returned to the filling stations and the redistribution process is disturbed. Bhumi  Pednekar on Monday shared a way to return the cylinders, she posted a story on Instagram appealing to people of Delhi to return the empty oxygen cylinders so that it would be easy to redistribute them accordingly.

Credits: Bhumi Pednekar (Instagram)

Bhumi has been posting videos and photos of her constantly providing verified resources. The government have issued Vaccination programs to which Bhumi had posted on her Instagram encouraging people to get vaccinated and prevent themselves from the virus.

Government Guidelines have been introduced to the nation but still, there are many of those unnecessarily roaming on streets even being told to stay indoors. Nation has hit the second wave of Pandemic and it is of utmost importance to break the chain of the virus. Bhumi Pednekar reacting to the viral videos on social media showing crowded markets, appealed to the citizens to stay home and help to fight against the virus. She posted a video on her Instagram and captioned it as ” Stay home, asli deshbhakti dikhane ka time ye hai”.

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