Jasleen’s father Kesar said on the ongoing drama: I will ask her about it when she is out of BB

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 03 Oct 2018

Bigg Boss 12 is showcasing twists and turns on a daily basis. A big drama happened during last night after Anup Jalota declared that he is getting separated from Jasleen Matharu after his lady love said no give up her attires, makeup, and tresses to Dipika Kakar during the nomination mission that took place on Monday.

During the last episode, we saw how Anup Jalota showed his dissatisfaction at Jasleen’s refusal to give up her stuff.

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Anup taunted his love stating that all those things are of much importance to her than him. Jasleen Matharu started crying after hearing that.

When Anup stated that he is ending his relation, she was heart-broken. Sreesanth made attempts to make him comprehend but in vain.

Media people got in touch with Jasleen’s dad, producer Kesar Matharu who stated, “If he has broken the pair, it is his marzi (will).”

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When the media commented that people are exclaiming their relation as a ‘false one’ post the split, he stated, “I will come to know the real story once they’re out of the house. It might be possible. I really don’t know as of now. We are watching the same stuff as you on TV. I will ask Jasleen when she’s out about the real story.”

But, Kesar stated that Jasleen was being her real self in the Bigg Boss house.

“She is being herself. She is just like that in the real world. She does not pick up unnecessary fights with people or create unwanted drama. She is quite particular about her dressing. Jasleen loves good clothes since childhood. She can play well on her own too.”

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An entertainment website had reported that he wished to make an entry in the house to tell her daughter to end her relationship with Anup Jalota, however, the show producers denied it.

“I did not go to Lonavala nor did I speak to Endemol. I have signed the agreement, I know all the rules by the book. I can talk only when she’s out,” he signs off.

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