Bigg Boss fames Aly Goni found his “Perfect Bride” in Jasmine Bhasin

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Bigg Boss season 14’s adorable couple Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin has now opened up about their budding love affair, they were already together since they were inside the house. During an interview session with ETime, Aly Goni spilled out the beans about their ongoing romance and marriage plans.

Aly confessed,” I am sure about marrying my lady love Jasmine Bhasin and she is the right one for me” he added, ” I have made my mind. I want to marry her, mujeh pata hai agar shaadi karni hai toh issi see karni hai”. Right now the couple has not decided the date yet, but surely we will see these hummingbirds tying a knot soon.

Aly and Jasmine are right now together with Aly’s family, they are very happy that she is with them in Ramzan. Although it was not the first time she is celebrating Ramzan with him, she loves cooking for their Iftari. When asked about his relationship with Jasmin’s parents, he said, “I have met them very few times, but I keep good touch with them on phone”

He also talked about his last year Ramzan experience when he was all alone in his Mumbai apartment with his cook due to COVID-19 but now he is thankful that this year he is in his hometown.


Published by Ishani Yadav on 21 Apr 2021

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