Bigg Boss OTT: Raqesh Bapat gets termed as ‘sexist’ by Karan Johar over his remarks

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Published by Bhavya Shah on 13 Sep 2021

Bigg Boss host and producer Karan Johar severely called out contestant Raqesh Bapat for his sexist remark, in Sunday’s Weekend Ka Vaar. Raqesh commented on men being stronger than women, to which Karan instantly ridiculed, saying, “We are living in a woke world where you don’t say things like this.” Karan looked visibly angry at Raqesh and slammed him for comparing the physical capabilities of the two genders in such a way.

Moose Jattana also agreed with Karan, saying that the amount of strength possessed by an individual has nothing to do with that specific individual’s gender. The producer was very happy at the support lent to him by Moose and gave her an applause for the same.

Raqesh looked visibly nonplussed. In his defence, he said, “I know what strength of a woman is. I have grown-up in a house with women around.” Contestant Shamita Shetty also came out at his rescue, saying that by no means did he intend to compare a woman’s strength and that it came out all wrong.

He was further reprimanded for his asinine treatment towards Shamita, who came out in his support. Even while Moose got eliminated from Bigg Boss, many said that it should have been Raqesh instead.

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