Box Office Collections: The Lion King and Super 30 continue their march at the BO

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Box Office has been brimming with great films this year, and after Kabir Singh’s super success at the BO, Super 30 and The Lion King are making their name as well.

The Lion King has very good collections on Tuesday as well with 7.15 crores coming in. The numbers are holding on quite strongly after Monday brought in 7.90 crores.

The film is progressing fine with 69.80 crores* already accumulated in 5 days flat. That’s a very good average of almost 14 crores been maintained on a day to day basis, which is ahead of what the film had gathered on its first day (11.06 crores). This kind of hold does wonders for a film as you know that it is now set well for a very good second weekend as well.

So far, the film seems to be on track for a lifetime of around 150 crores which would be fantastic. That would take it to the superhit/blockbuster zone. A unique feat indeed considering the film belongs to the animation genre.

Meanwhile, things are working out quite well for Super 30 as well. The film has now gone tax-free in Gujarat and Delhi too and these are major territories that should help add on to the business.

On Tuesday, the film continued to hold well with 3.25 crores* added to its total. Considering the fact that Monday was 3.60 crores, this is good trending so far for the Sajid Nadiadwala film. The producer has gone all out to ensure that the film got a major commercial release and the benefits are already coming in with different states also recognising the effort and making it tax-free.

Overall collections of the film are now 107.43 crores* and the total would comfortably go past the 110 crores mark after the second week. It isn’t a smooth one-horse race for Super 30 but the Vikas Behl directed film has made good inroads already and continuing to find audiences with positive word of mouth.

Published by Amrit Santlani on 24 Jul 2019

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