This couple traveled almost 33 countries wearing their wedding dress, pics are unmissable

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Published by Shifa Naz on 19 Jan 2019

Marriage is so special once in a lifetime moment for all of us and so is the wedding dress, don’t you nod your head with me… This couple on Instagram is known as marrymeintravel officially on social media exchanged vows in 2017. Nick and Zoe Aust believe in living life to the fullest extent, so decided to leave their regular jobs and went on frame worthy wedding gallery by traveling around the different countries.

Reported by the sources, they both had this adventures idea of Marry Me In Travel when they met on their first date.
“We hinted at traveling the world together one day”, said the couple about their first date.

The couple said, “Life is too short to only wear your wedding dress once. And the world is too big to only stay in your little town your whole life. Our hope is that when people see our pictures they feel nothing but inspired to explore a new place, try a new hobby and fulfill that dream they’ve always had”.

They have traveled to many countries including Sri Lanka to Paris and even to India. If seen from their eyes, the world seems so small and their picturesque photos are enough to see the beauty around the world.

“I try on the dress and my mom and dad are speechless, I’m speechless. I feel like a bride. I can hear Nick over and over again saying ‘You can do anything, be anyone, wear what you want to wear, this dress has seen trains, boats, flights, Tuk Tuk rides, taxis and a helicopter ride over Mount Everest. It’s seen snow and incredible heat, rain, and fog. It’s been covered in dirt and washed in the Indian Ocean, said Zoe.”

Apart from doing all the bizarre activities Zoe finally sums up saying, “But my greatest accomplishment while wearing it was marrying Nick. I’m so incredibly thankful for all this dress has withstood, but that will always be my favorite memory in it.”


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