Bride & Groom Dance During Pheras In Viral Video; Netizens Get Divided

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An undated video recording of a bride and groom shaking a leg during their phera ritual has divided the netizens. The video recording got posted on the micro blogging site by Vedant Birla, Chairman and MD of Birla Precision Technologies, who called it as discourteous.

The ceremonial of taking pheras or circles around a holy fire is a significant trait of Hindu marriages. During this marriage ceremonial, the bride and groom took pheras around a holy fire seven times whereas a priest narrates the holy mantras.

In the video recording, the bride and groom were witnessed shaking a leg during the phera ceremony as invitees applauded them on.

While sharing the clip, Mr Birla wrote in Hindi, “Is this a wedding or the sacrifice of our traditional values? Don’t forget that if you are worth anything in this world it is because of your culture and values.”

The video has turned viral with over 4.2 lakh views on the micro blogging site, together with 2,000 remarks. It has ignited a heated discussion on the micro blogging platform. A lot of Twitter users condemned the pair for dancing during a marriage ritual, stating that their actions were “rude” and “impolite”.

But, other netizens were of the view that the bride and groom are doing perfect and there is nothing wrong with this.

A user wrote, “I don’t see anything wrong in it. It’s their choice how to celebrate, still living in 18th century.”

“I like your journalism SwatiJi but I don’t see what is so wrong in this. They are having their wedding the way they want to. No one is forcing anyone to watch the video.”

Published by Ricky Tandon on 05 Mar 2021

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