Burn the calories with some simple yet intense Chair Cardio

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With lockdown in action, almost everyone has now finally started working out, instead of making unreal promises and excuses about it. Now cardio is not only the most important part of the workout, but it also is the most intense part of it. But, since we are locked inside our homes and can’t go to gym, we have to workout with whatever is available at home and in that confined and restricted area. Thus, to make it easy, here are some cardio exercises that can be performed only with the use of a chair.

1. Chair squat to forward lunges

Your starting position would be sitting on the chair with feet straight on the floor, with elbow folded close to your chest. After that stand-up with your left leg, stretch and fold it forward with your right shin parallel on the ground, stay in that position for 2-3 minutes and then come back to your starting position. Keep repeating the same with alternating legs.

2. Lateral high and low kicks

Your starting position should be your right side facing the front of the chair, standing 2 or 3 feet away from the chair hands close to the body and elbows folded. Start with kicking the lower part of the chair and then above the seat, continue the set for 3 repetitions and then change the side.

3. Triceps dips and kicks

Your starting position should be your back facing the front of your chair, rest your hands shoulder wide apart on the seat, your knees folded and thighs parallel to the floor. Now, lightly kick your legs to stretch them, stay in that position for 2 – 3 minutes, and then repeat the whole process.

4. Raised plank knee tucks

Your starting position should be stand two feet apart from the chair facing it, rest your palm on the edge of the seat shoulder wide apart, and stretch your leg. Now, bring your left leg towards the right hand by bending the knee and twist your torso slightly with it, bring back your body to the original position and repeat the process with another leg.

5. Plank jacks and jumps

Your starting position should be facing the front of the chair, stand two feet away from it, lean forward and rest your palm should width apart on the edge of the seat, and stretch your legs. Now, jump slightly and move your legs 1 foot away from each other, jump again and bring then right next to each other, now jump again and bring them to the original position. Continue the set for repetitions.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 16 Jul 2020

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