Cameraman channels wildlife videographer taping a cockroach in Tokyo Olympics, netizens response are hilarious

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Published by Sagarika Patil on 30 Jul 2021

A cockroach has created a huge space for itself on the international news as it got its 15-secs of fame during Tokyo Olympics’ telecast. It has also left the viewers baffled and curious because of its presence. A video has gone viral where a cockroach was seen enjoying the limelight on-air while a commentator spoke about women’s hockey game. The viral video clip showed the camera focusing on the insect during the game.

This funny moment of cockroach was caught by an Argentinian TV channel covering the Olympics in Japan, covering the women’s hockey match between Spain and Argentina recently.

A lot of mixed reactions came from fans on this small clip, some wondered if the match was too boring for the cameraperson while some thought it was too hilarious. According to some reports on this viral video, the sports commentator talking about the match suddenly paused and said, “Look at what we have here. A cockroach.” It was only then that the cameraman zoomed in his camera on the little insect crawling down the railing at the event. Meanwhile, all those who understood the language lauded the cameraperson for perfect timing. Although the Latin American country won the match 3-0, it left some wondering why the commentator was intrigued by the insect.

As soon as the video went viral on social media platforms, a lot of hilarious responses came forward.

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