After Celebrating Her 35th Birthday With Family, Katrina Kaif Is Back To Mumbai

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Published by Vaidehi Tendulakar on 18 Jul 2018

Katrina Kaif is back to Mumbai after celebrating her 35th birthday with family in England. Yes, she had moved to celebrate her birthday with sisters where we have seen her having a fun time. The picture of the same was shared by Kat on her Instagram too.

Katrina was wished by so many celebrities including Deepika Padukone who wished her happiness and health. Well, it is really awkward for the social media users to digest that but she did. Now, the Zero star is back in Mumbai to fulfill her work commitment. She opted to wear all-black attire for her airport look.

So, scroll down to see her picture at the airport:

We got our hand into video too:

On social media, a video featuring Katrina is going viral in which she is being humiliated with hate comments on the street of Vancouver by the fan. She said, “There will always be a certain amount of negativity towards everybody and we shouldn’t give such people any mileage. It’s unproductive. It’s not that I will put my head in the sand and pretend that I don’t know what’s going around me, but I have a good understanding of what’s good and what’s not. I just have to be true to who I am. I can’t change what people think about me”.

She is the one who believes in forgiving and forgetting “You have to forgive and forget. If you keep that bitterness in your heart towards somebody, you are holding that emotion inside you, and you will experience its effects. So, even if you have been wronged, it will still be you facing those negative emotions. Also, most people are doing what they think is right for them, at that point. It’s hurtful, but that’s the way I see it”.

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