Make donations for poor people through these Charity vending machines

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Published by Shifa Naz on 04 Dec 2018

Sell your vending machine and buy a goat to donate it to poor families and people… sounds really great isn’t that. Thanks to the charity organization like UNICEF and action headed by the Mormon church that it’s now becoming possible in New York, London and Manila.

With a very simple idea in mind, put your vending machines with prices from 2 to 200 dollars. Considering the need of poor families at home and abroad, the people who can denote and serve needy people can choose everything from little things like fishing bait that starts with 2 dollars to a cow that can earn up to 150 dollars to serve the needy one for his living. Items like the polio vaccine, sewing machine are also included in the list.


Julie Brannan, an agent from real estate Manhattan, who paused her way to an appointment. “The concept is excellent.”

“I chose the empowerment pack for girls because there are places where girls have to miss school during their periods, I have heard about that before and I thought that was a great thing to give.”


The lady says that she donates several thousand dollars to charity almost every year, especially during the holidays and plans to stop back at these vending machine to buy something else.

She added further about the same, “Honestly you could do every single one in these machines and feel good about it, it was actually hard to decide.”


The man Steven Sookhoo of Delaware used the vending machine with the same enthusiasm, after seeking the news about it on the social media platform.

“I thought it was a really cool concept,” said Steven who works two days a week for a Wall Street finance company, he also said, “I thought about the chickens but I liked the goat, my kids will be excited about that.”

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