Chhavi Hussein pens an adorable message for hubby Mohit as she introduces her newborn son

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TV and film actress Chhavi Hussein flirts with another man in her life, besides her husband Mohit Hussein. Any guesses, who would it be? Ok. He is a part of her several social media posts; she gets all mushy and affectionate when she speaks about him.

Well, Hold your Horses! Before you jump to any weird conclusion, let us tell you it’s none other than her newborn son Arham Hussein, who she is speaking about in her latest post. LOL! What were you thinking?

The actress also asked her husband not to be jealous of this little man in her life who is the apple of her eye. The little one looks all cute and adorable as he is fast asleep.

She also reveals how she is unable to sleep when Arham is next to her, not because he doesn’t allow her to sleep, but instead she just can’t stop staring at him. The actress has been vocal about her motherhood journey on her social media handles post-Arham’s birth.

Her post read, “Sleeping next to another man! Don’t be jealous Mohit Hussein, ‘coz there’s another man I like sleeping next to more than you! My cutie little Arham Hussein is a doll to sleep next to. But the only problem is, I don’t sleep much when he’s lying next to me. Why? Not because he keeps me up, but because I just can’t stop staring at him!”

Chhavi and Mohit are blessed with a daughter Areeza Hussain before they welcomed their son Arham this year. The little man made his digital debut when he was barely a month old on his mommy Chhavi’s Instagram handle.

Published by Amrit Santlani on 10 Sep 2019

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