Chhavi Mittal shared an adorable picture with son Arham Khan

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 14 Jun 2019

Chhavi Mittal’s world became a little more magical and a lot happier when her son, Arham Khan came into her life. Her happiness was over the top as she went through the process for the second time. And even though she had her share of bumps in the road, she finally has it all.  Chhavi Mittal and her husband, Mohit Hussein welcomed their second child on May 13, 2019. But her delivery wasn’t an easy one as her son almost felt like he had refused to leave her body even in the 10th month of pregnancy. However, in the end, she met her baby and it was an amazing experience.

On June 13, 2019, Arham celebrates his first month, and his mother, Chhavi made it a memorable day. She took on to her Instagram handle and shared a beautiful picture of baby Arham with her fans. Along with the picture, she wrote in the caption, “One month ago today this little “potli” like I fondly call him since he’s always bundled up like one, came into my arms. Today he’s a big boy one-month-old! Can you imagine! Today we’re a strong team and together we have already overcome one big hurdle of “latching problems”. And together we’re now addressing the big problem of sleepless nights!”

She further wrote, “Phew. I’m sure the time is not far when we both will get continuous sleep for at least 6 hours! How lovely will that be? For now, we’re joined at the hip 24 hrs a day, and I look forward to every moment of knowing him… How he looks when he sleeps, feeds, stretches, sneezes, coughs, looks up, and what a gentleman he looks like when I comb his hair Btw, big sister Areeza had a cake cutting ceremony for him, which he slept through!”

For the people who don’t know Chhavi had an extremely rough pregnancy as her doctor forced her for a C-section delivery ruining her dream of Hypno-birthing. In one of her Instagram posts, she actually narrated the story of her son’s birthday, “I started dilating again & 2 hrs later I was 8 cm dilated. But my doctor came in & said she’d like to take me for a C-section. I put my complete faith in her and agreed to whatever she said. But her attitude towards my whole birthing process completely shook me up.”

Chhavi also revealed the behavior of her doctor. “She said some things which I could not respond to at that time, but they will remain engraved in my mind forever. This person who was with me thru this journey of 9+ months.. this person who had seen my strengths & weaknesses, who had seen me naked physically and emotionally. She told me, “your labor is not strong enough, your body is not meant to do this, if you felt pain, you would be screaming, not sleeping.”

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