Chhavi Mittal welcomes a baby boy after 10 months in pregnancy

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 14 May 2019

Chhavi Mittal Hussein who entered into the tenth month of pregnancy has given birth to a baby boy on 13th May 2019. The actress was completely normal and positive about reaching into a tenth-month of pregnancy. She also wrote a long paragraph sharing a picture on Instagram educating people that it is perfectly normal to reach 42 weeks before natural labor begins, especially if it’s the second pregnancy.

The actress on Mother’s Day also opened up about anxiety issues and mental health in her Instagram post. “I was really looking forward to being a mother of 2 before this day arrives. I know all of you have been waiting for the good news. But more than all you guys, my patience is wearing thin, because there’s still no sign of labor. And if labor doesn’t knock on my door today, we might have to artificially induce it, which breaks my heart because on one hand the baby’s at risk due to being a post-term birth, and on the other hand, the baby’s at risk due to the drugs being pumped in my body for an induction. What does a mother choose? I’ve been so natural throughout that I didn’t even allow the sunscreen to enter my bloodstream, and now this. I’m mustering up all that I have within me to induce labor naturally to ensure an absolutely healthy baby in my arms. Long walks, squats, duck walks, ghee, pressure point massages, meditation, spicy food and what not. I freshly determine to make this birth the kind of birth that I have visualized. Keep those prayers coming #waitingforlabour,” she wrote.

But after the wait, the actress finally welcomed her baby boy in this world. The actress is happy and healthy and so is the son. It was surely a long wait but it was worth it. She shared the picture on Instagram writing, “Announcing the arrival of baby boy Arham Hussein on 13th May. Thank you so much for all your wishes. I’m still in the hospital recovering and will be sharing my birth story soon.” We heartily congratulate the actress and the family!

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