This Adorable Picture of Chhavi Mittal’s Daughter Areeza Shopping For Her Sibling-to-be Will Make You Go AWW

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 02 Apr 2019

If you have a younger brother or sister then you will relate to this: remember how much in your childhood you would crave for a sibling. Someone with you could play ghar-ghar. But as an elder sibling, when you actually got a younger sibling, how much you wished you were the lone child of your parents( all the pampering and attention would have been yours).

Despite all these thoughts, it is difficult to imagine a life without your partner in crime. The sibling bond is a love-hate relationship that can be aptly described in lines, ‘teri meri banti nahin, par tere bina meri chalti nahi!’. And this fact is true for all kids, even more so for star kids. One such instance happened recently with Chhavi Mittal’s adorable daughter Areeza. She too is all set to welcome a new member into the family soon.

Chhavi Mittal announced her second pregnancy in November 2018 with her fans on Instagram. She wrote, “Women and fitness is badass. Pregnant women and fitness is f**kin badass! I’m really happy and proud to announce that I’m gonna be a second-time mommy soon!”

The S.I.T. co-founder further added, “Surprisingly every single person who knows I’m pregnant has told me “oh you can eat all you like now!” But they couldn’t be more wrong. It is not only imperative but also my duty towards the life inside me to take care of my health and fitness every bit more than I usually do. I like to say, “I don’t EAT for two, I have to be HEALTHY for two!”.

And it was her hubby Mohit who shared their daughter’s super cute snap as little Areeza was spotted shopping for her sibling to be. In the picture, Areeza posed adorably with baby clothes and shoes in her hand. Mohit wrote, “It’s believed that to be mom’s start nesting in the 9th month, in our case it’s the sister to be who is nesting and the most excited. She has hand-picked each of the things herself and the booties are her favorite”. Check out the post below:

Earlier, in an interview with TOI, mommy Chhavi lavished praised on Areeza by saying, “Areeza is a responsible child and she is really excited about welcoming a new member; I feel a little relieved because of that. The best part is, will continue to work through my pregnancy”. She is due in May and we all wish that God blesses her with a healthy baby.

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