‘Chhoti Kangana’ aka Suman Puri took internet by storm, receives fun reaction from Kangana Ranaut

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Published by Mohit Kumar Dixit on 10 Jul 2021


In the days of social media, fans can be seen imitating actors and dress up like them on various social platforms. As a result, Celebrities do find their doppelgangers very easily. And Sometimes, these dopplegangers also get noticed by their favourite stars. Something similar has happened with a new viral sensation ‘Chhoti Kangana’.

On July 9, Kangana Ranaut shared a post of an Instagrammer Chhoti Kangana on her story and wrote, “Aae Choti tu pada bhi karti hai ya Sara din Yahi sab?” Chhoti Kangana is a 9-year-old Kangana fangirl. Her real name is Suman Puri. She used to dress up like Kangana Ranaut and try to imitate the expressions and dialogues from her films. She looks very cute and adorable in her posts.

As mentioned in her Instagram bio, her account @choti_Kangna is being managed by her mother. With around 100 posts, she has 4700+ followers on her account. Her videos often went viral and this time she got noticed by her favourite star. Let’s take a look at some of her posts:-

Isn’t she looked exactly like Kangana? In one of her posts, Suman shared that she has also got a chance to meet Kangana Ranaut when the actress visited Golden Temple in Amritsar.

Well, we are very impressed by this cute 9- year old Kangana. What are your thoughts on the same? Comment down and stay tuned to us for more interesting updates.

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