Chinese Ambassador responds to Sonu Sood’s tweet accusing China of blocking ‘lots of consignments’ of oxygen concentrators

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Published by Ruchika Gaurav on 02 May 2021

India is struggling for oxygen, ‘yes, the element which is supposed to be free and everyone out there holds an equal right on it still has become an endangered element amid in surge of COVID-19. Failure of health infrastructure has caused havoc across the borders. In such a crisis the Messiah, Sonu Sood has emerged as a god for common and needy people from last year. 

Leading to that, Sonu Sood is amplifying all COVID-19 facilities by providing beds, oxygen cylinders, plasma, medicines and whatnot. Recently, actor Sonu Sood has accused China of blocking “lots of consignments” of oxygen concentrators to India that he had ordered. 

Take a look: 


However, the Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong in New Delhi Sun Weidong responded saying China will do its best to help India in the fight against COVID-19. His tweet reads “Noted your Twitter info, Mr Sood. China will do its utmost to support India fighting COVID-19. To my knowledge, freight air routes from China to India are operating normally. The past two weeks have witnessed 61 freight flights from China to India in operation.”  

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