Comedian Raju Srivasatav comes to aid for lookalike actors of Bollywood

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Published by Ravina Khatri on 11 Jun 2021

Thousand people pushing the ship to reach its shore is always better than one the person doing it. 

The pandemic has shown us the different sides of life where there is grief, helplessness, and people crying aloud for help. Some have lost their loved ones, some have lost their jobs and it is truly difficult to comprehend when this pandemic is going to end.

We have witnessed the look-alike of Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, and many more Bollywood actors. They have successfully promoted these real actors with their live shows but because of covid 19, their livelihood is gravely affected.

But those who are in a better position than others are reaching out and helping them.  Raju Srivastav, a benevolent man known for making us laugh has offered to help the look-alike actors of Bollywood. The President of the All India Lookalike association, Arif Khan confirmed that Raju Srivastav has helped them to provide ration kits for the strugglers so that they do not starve.  Arif khan also urged other actors to come forward and reach out and assist financially so that everybody is able to come out of this serious situation.

Mumbai is welcoming but also a tough city to survive without a job. And people like Raju Srivastav are really like a ray of hope for those whose career seems to finish.

The comedian has proved that beyond money what remains is humanity.

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