Comedian Siddharth Sagar Is Getting Engaged To Comedy Circus Co-Star Subuhi Joshi

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 08 Nov 2018

Comedian Siddharth Sagar is one of the popular personalities of the comic world. We all know how the actor had gone through a bad phase in his life. But after all that, the actor has bounced by and is back on the small screens. The actor-comedian is tickling our funny bones in popular reality show Comedy Circus’ latest season.

Well, who knew, the actor will find his soulmate for the lifetime in his co-star Subuhi Joshi. Yes, Siddharth and Subuhi fell in love on the sets of the show. But even here, the actor’s relationship hit the rock bottom as they broke up back in 2014. The reason behind their breakup was Siddharth’s mother who was against their relationship.

But now, it seems after having all the bitter experience with his family Siddharth has decided to move and get back to Subuhi and also take their relationship to the next level.

Siddharth who was healing from all the issues six months ago and after he came out of rehab, the two reconciled. Talking about the same, Subuhi said, “I saw a video of him on Instagram and realised that he was seriously unwell. I connected with him and decided to be with him again, because I felt that only he can be my companion.” The betrothal is set to take place in Delhi. Siddharth is quite elated with the big development in his life. Talking about this, Sagar shared his feelings, “I feel that you should be with a person who loves you completely and not only because you have a certain good quality. There could be a comic side to me, but I do have my dark phases, too. Subuhi has seen that side and she accepts it. I feel it is important to love a person totally. That’s why I feel comfortable around her. We are getting engaged tomorrow in Delhi with Subuhi’s parents and close friends.”

Siddharth also revealed that his mother, who is completely against the relationship is not invited for the ceremony. “My mother hasn’t approved of this relationship. I don’t want to discuss that part now because I am entering a good phase in my life. I am only looking ahead,” he said.

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