This Couple Did a PUBG-Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot And We Are Amazed

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Published by Isha Kataria on 12 Dec 2018

PUBG has created a lot of craze across the world. It is an online multiplayer clash royale game is phenomenal in India. The game is the trending and the hot topic of discussion on social media as people, in general, are always talking about it. We all know that PUBG and weddings season has taken all the limelight this year. So some of the couples have merged the two and got themselves click in PUBG theme.

The couple had a PUBG-themed wedding shoot. Harsh Salvi, photographer uploaded the pictures of the wedding shoot on his facebook page and it seems to be a great idea for every couple who loves PUBG. The couple, Sonali Bomble and Aakash Jain, call their adventurous new-era pre-wedding PUBG Saga. It looks like fun. The photographer thinks that people can’t get over PUBG. In fact, this obsession just seems to be increasing day by day.

The game has built millions of followers and fans. It has become so important for people that they can even ignore their family members and partners for it. With time, the passion for this game is only growing and touching new levels.

Not only boys but girls are also crazy for PUBG. And a couple is so big fans of the game that they decided to have a pre-wedding theme photoshoot with the theme of PUBG.

The craze for the game has built up a lot. It is a multiplayer royale game has become phenomenal in India. People are going gaga over the game. And this pre-wedding shoot with the PUBG theme has made left us all amazed. And the couple’s surprising pre-wedding shoot is taking the rounds of the internet. It seems that this is going to be the next trending sensation among the people.

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