A Couple Comes Up With An Epic Reply To People Who Kept Them Asking About Having Kids After Marriage

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Published by Shifa Naz on 17 Jan 2019

Society will be society and their never changing attitude will make us suffer, from their deep down speculation into other’s life and asking such never-ending questions asking about your marriage to having kids after marriage. The queue of queries is annoying sometimes to answer.

Not just in India, this society nature is found all around the world, to shake off the questions and to put a stop in the mouth of such people, a couple in South Carolina came up with a befitting reply to their friends and society who were always ready to open their mouth on asking such constant questions of ‘when you are having kids’.

Malachi and Madeline Dressel from Carolina made a collection of around 75 dolls of from infant size to young toddler, and are using these dolls to answer the raised questions of society on the same note. Both of them were pissed off with the surrounding and finally found a solution to their problem. They shared the pictures of the dolls collection and called them as their ‘virtual children’. They have been collecting these dolls from the 1950s and ’60s.

The mother of virtual children shared to Mail Online, about coming up to this weird solution of their problem, she said, “We both thought that it would be cool to pose them in real-life settings as if they were kids as a bit of a joke to start, but it grew from there. We enjoy collecting dolls together and the big ones are our favorites.”

The collection from the gallery of the happy family is showing little happening of daily life including special occasions of birthday and Christmas celebrations. The idea was amazing, and now they had shut the different mouth which talks differently.

That was something unusual and out of the box thing in our collection, hope to bring some more interesting happening around the world, till then stay tuned.

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