Cyrus Sahukar finally got married to his girlfriend Vaishali Malahara after two failed attempts

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Published by Simnan on 19 Apr 2022

Actor Cyrus Sahukar got married to his girlfriend Vaishali Malahara in Alibag. After dating for eight years, Cyrus Sahukar is pleased to have sealed his forever with his girlfriend, Vaishali Malahara. He confesses that he smiled his way through the wedding.

Opting for an intimate wedding, Sahukar began a new chapter of his life in presence of family and close friends in a private property of Alibag. He opened up it was their third attempt to get married, and they got lucky.

They had planned the wedding for February. And they got very disappointed when they had to cancel it because the Covid rage was a bit too much at that point, Sahukar tells us.

He further continues that they have been together for eight years. And they have had two attempts at getting married. But both times Corona has knocked us out of the park. Now, for them, it felt like they needed to take the blessings of people whom they absolutely adore. That’s exactly what it was. They wanted to call a lot more people, but it was private property. They could only call 120 people, and they maxed out on it.

The Potluck actor was keeping his fingers crossed this time, as he mentioned that in February, the cases were like 23,000 a day, and they were like how can they possibly get married when there’s so much stress in everyone’s life. And cancelling a wedding means you go back to the drawing board. He’s so glad his friends took charge this time and did it all.

The wedding was attended by Mini Mathur, Kabir Khan, Shruti Seth, Gaurav Kapur, Samir Kochhar, Sahil Sangha, Cyrus Broacha, Maria Goretti, and Yudhishtir Urs.

To note, he admits it was Mini Mathur, who took charge one day and told the couple, “let’s get you guys married”. And that began the story of them planning their wedding.

Opening up about the wedding, Sahukar says, he has never received so much love in his life. It was everyone’s wedding. Actually, their friends got them married. Their buddies came from all over the world. The two days were made of love and madness. In fact, amid the two years of lockdown, no one hung together or partied. So, getting together was really blessed.

It was pretty much their (friends) wedding. They were walking around surprised by everything. His friends were like yahan khaade ho, yahan smile karo. And he was just happy, Sahukar laughs.

For him, going the intimate way for the wedding was the best option.

He cannot tell you the magic of intimate weddings because they all get to know each other. For instance, three of his friends slept together in one room. Because they didn’t have rooms. And people end up taking care of each other, getting to know each other. You can’t do that with 300 people. Getting married is such a private moment that it’s okay to keep it intimate, he shares, remembering stories that his parents told him about lavish ceremonies.

The couple was always tired. They wanted to keep it intimate. And he’s very happy and grateful for the love they all got, Sahukar concludes.

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