Dad had to sell their house after the film with Dharmendra got delayed; it was a massive loss for the family: Rupali Ganguly

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Published by vipulsipani on 06 Apr 2022

Actress Rupali Ganguly recently revealed in an interview that her father, Anil Ganguly, who was a filmmaker, had to sell his house after a film that he was doing with actor Dharmendra got delayed. She said that the film took four years to get completed and it was a massive loss for her family. She further said that it had hurt her father badly as his specialty was making films fast.

Anil Ganguly had worked with Dharmendra in the film Dushman Devta in 1991, which also featured Dimple Kapadia, Aditya Pancholi, and Sonam.

Recalling the incident, Rupali said “People used to sell their houses to make movies. When a movie flops, you sell the house, like how it happened with us. Dad had made a film with Dharmendra. When it took three to four years to complete because papa’s USP was making the films fast. Saaheb was made in 40 days on the set in film city only. We used to visit the sets after school during vacation. We were made to stand as extras in shots. ‘Let the children stand as extras in the shot’. But this Dharmendra film that got delayed for four years, resulted in a massive loss for the family. But it’s okay, whatever goes up has to come down too.”

She further said that “We had a very grounded middle-class upbringing because I think my father had struggled a lot. He had run away from Calcutta came to Bombay, and stayed on the footpath. He shared his room with Jagjit Singh and everybody they were all struggling together. My father has gone through a lot of hardships.”

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