A Dancer’s Perfect Split & Handstand In Well-draped Saree Amazes Netizens

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It is a real fact that a saree is one of the most gracious and beautiful attire to be worn. But you might not be willing to wear it while you are performing some kind of acrobatics. Despite all these realities, a dancer recently blew away the misconceptions about what a ‘saree-clad woman’ can. The lady dancer posted a video of herself doing the most perfect splits and handstand, all while dressed in traditional saree attire. The dancer was also seen doing other poses of yoga in the video that was shared online.

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The performer in the video was Rukmini Vijayakumar and she shared the video on Instagram. While sharing the post, she wrote that the poses that were performed in the video were part of behind the scenes a video that was directed by her for last year’s yoga day.

However, the video became viral instantly and got a huge response on the internet, after it was shared on the 10th of April. The video has so far received 6.5 lakh views and the total count of the LIKEs has already crossed 96 thousand. A lot of reaction was evoked by the video and people were evidently in awe of her dance moves. There were a lot of users complimenting and praising her moves on the video through social media.

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In the meantime, Rukmini Vijayakumar is a well-known Indian choreographer and she is also a Bharatanatyam dancer who has choreographed many South Indian films. With this video, she has increased her fan followers considerably.

“WOW! Gracefully STRONG! Love it!”, wrote a user complementing Rukmini; another wrote, “Argh. Why aren’t there more saree ads like this”. Mirzapur actress Shriya Pilgaonkar also shared a reaction to the video and called the moves “incredible.”

Published by Ricky Tandon on 14 Apr 2021

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