First day of the shoot for Game of Thrones season 8 was really memorable for actors.

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 13 Apr 2019

Game of Thrones season eighth episode one is just a day away. The excitement is somewhere above the clouds. The fans cannot keep their calm and counting every ticking second away. Game of Thrones is the most popular series worldwide. The makers of the show did not leave even one bit to not promote their show. Though the show needs no introduction and promotion, the name is enough but still to keep up the excitement they released trailers and bits from the new season.

The Game of Thrones has always been a huge topic of debates because of its extremely strong content and language. The show is strictly not for kids at all. To spice up the wait of the final season the makers of the show released a clip on youtube. The clip shows the first onset of the various actors of the series such as Kit Harrington, Emilia Clark, and many others. The whole series has been a roller coaster rides for the actors and filming it for the very last time after everything they have been through together must be really hard. They have given so many years to this show and just made their characters their own identity.

It is not just a show but an emotion. A very strong emotion which connects the world and makes it into one. Every character is loved and appreciated by them. People in the world praise the show.

There have been so many theories of what will happen in the end. There also have been so many leaks but the fans of the show remain loyal to it. They don’t believe in the leaks and they obviously do not promote it. The series is the greatest because of its fans and even the actors in the series gives all the credits to the fans.

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