Deepika About Pregnancy Rumors, ‘We’re too Selfishly Focused on our Careers’

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Published by Neetu Panwar on 11 Oct 2019

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are the most lovely couple in Bollywood film industry. It’s been almost a year since the couple tied a knot to each other. The best-ever couple in Bollywood were married on 14th November 2018. There is still a month for the couple to celebrate their first marriage anniversary. While the couple are truly busy managing their respective careers, there are people spreading the pregnancy rumors of Deepika Padukone.

It’s been a long time that the actress is also aware of the rumors. But, the actress recently opened up about the same and gave clarification about having a baby. The actress said that she and Ranveer definitely love to have children but not at this point in time. The Padmaavat actress accepted that Ranveer and she aren’t unaware of the pregnancy rumors spreading across the internet. However, she said that both are currently serious about their careers.

She said, ‘It’s sad that society puts people in this rut that if you’re dating for so long toh shaadi kab hogi and then Bacchae. We’re not surprised by the rumors. Of course we want children, we both love kids. But we’re too selfishly focused on our careers at this point. It wouldn’t be fair to have kids at this point. We’re not even thinking about kids.’ Despite unable to spend gala time together during vacations, the couple often shows their love for each other through their social media PDA.

Through her words, we can understand that Deepika and Ranveer has no plan about having baby right now or for some time in their life. They prefer having kids only after getting well-settled in career and life. We can clearly understand that Deepika caught the pulse of public and the perception of people about relationships, marriage, and pregnancy.

Speaking about her social work, the actress is trying to create awareness among the public regarding psychological health issues. She said, ‘I won’t perish until I accomplish that. It’s my mission in life. I’ll not be able to rest in peace unless we, as a country, stop attaching stigma around psychical health.’

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