Deepika Padukone reveals how Ranveer Singh’s 83 suffering due to pandemic; Says, ‘Disappointing, but love of a film…’

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Published by Simnan on 21 Feb 2022

Deepika Padukone‘ father who was an ace badminton player Prakash Padukone was very proud of her as she was the producer of the sports drama 83. Meanwhile, She also addresses Covid-19’s third wave which had affected the film’s box office prospects.

Actor Deepika Padukone is enjoying the success of the recent release of her two films, 83, and Gehraiyaan. While 83 was produced by her and starred Ranveer Singh it was a sports drama chronicling the victory of the Indian cricket team at the 1983 World Cup, whereas Gehraiyaan was a deep swoop into modern relationships which had many lies and complex relationships.

The movie 83 was released just before the third wave of the Covid pandemic, it could enjoy only scarce success at the box office. In an interview, Deepika explained that the film was well-received although she admits that she was a bit ‘disappointed’ that ‘they had a third wave scare’, but she also proclaimed that she was sure that the film ‘will stand the test of time’ and the love of a film ‘supersedes all’. When asked why she decided to back the film as a producer, she answered it by saying that it was a historic moment for India and that the event put India on the global map. She also cited the other historic moments at that time, including the achievements of her father, ace badminton player Prakash Padukone. By calling the World Cup to win a ‘triumph of the human spirit,’ she told that it was essential that the story should be told.

Later she was asked about Prakash Padukone’s reaction to the film, she confessed that he was ‘extremely proud’. “Anything to do with sport, anything to do with me, my father is always beaming with pride and joy,” she had said, she was overjoyed as she got the opportunity to produce a sports drama, which featured her husband Ranveer. She mentioned that her family is proud of the way she is developed but at the same time they’re also critical, especially her mother and sister who are ‘brutally honest’, and she appreciates that.

Deepika further said that she wants to live a life, where she wasn’t ‘surrounded by yes men’. While her family reaction to Gehraiyaan, Deepika said that it was ‘difficult’ for them to digest because they’ve seen her struggles ‘up close and personal’. However, they appreciated her performance, as well as how mental health and illness were depicted.

The film Gehraiyaan featured Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ananya Panday, the film is streaming on Amazon Prime.

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