Divyanka Tripathi’s Befitting Reply To Those Saying She Replicate Sabyasachi’s Design

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We have already heard about celebrities who wear copied outfits of other known designers of the fashion industry. And when it comes about the popular designer outfits nothing gets unnoticed. Especially, when it is a designer outfit by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, it always becomes the topic of conversation.

On Sunday, Divyanka posted a photo in which she was wearing a dress with a golden belt, which had Sabyasachi’s tiger motif on it. An anonymous platform, Diet Sabya took it to Instagram and mentioned the same in the picture in their post.

Their caption read, “GutsOn A Sunday afternoon..Y’all will often tell us not to blame the celebrity, but you’ve to live under a giant rock to not know that this is an iconic Sabya Sachi belt. NO excuses.”

The same belt was also spotted on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan that she wore for her collaboration with Sabyasachi and make-up brand.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein fame actress, Divyanka Tripathi posted the picture with an ensemble that is by a clothing brand called Raisin, according to her post. She donned the dress for an event and was styled by Victor Robinson.

Due to the similarity between the belt that Divyanka wore and the Sabyasachi belt, it got a lot of trolling. At first look, nobody could even guess that the ensemble is not designed by Sabyasachi.

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Sorry guys! I truly wanted to forget yesterday's episode when I was slammed and humiliated (by an insta profile and it's followers) for wearing a belt slightly similar to a branded piece (which I was ofcourse unaware of). But this comment!!!!!! I just couldn't resist putting up your comment on my post! MORE POWER TO YOU GIRL.💪 YOU VERBALISED WHAT I WAS THINKING. EVEN I COME FROM A HUMBLE BACKGROUND! MAKING MOCKERY OF PEOPLE FOR THEIR DRESSING, IS SUCH AN ARROGANT AND HIGH-HANDED, HIGH SCHOOL SNOB ATTITUDE! THANK GOD, THIS HAPPENED WITH ME! ELSE, I WOULD NOT HAVE KNOWN THIS SIDE OF BULLYING WORLD. FEW MAY FEEL EMBARASSED AND KEEP SHUT…BUT I PREFER CALLING A SPADE A SPADE AND BULLYING- BULLYING! NOPE, I AM NOT A REGULAR CELEBRITY! I AM DIFFERENT BECAUSE "I AM NO DIFFERENT FROM PEOPLE WATCHING ME" & GETTING BULLDOZED FOR MY CLOTHING…WELL, NOT ACCEPTABLE! This happened to me and I felt so pressurised suddenly, felt like digging a hole and burrying my face. Imagine this happening with people who can't afford great dresses and designs, let alone a stylist or designer. In fact, NOT ALL CELEBRITIES AND STARS ARE RICH in contrast to a common expectation. Few become stars because of their QUALITY OF WORK and NOT WHAT THEY WEAR and HOW MUCH THEY EARN or FOR THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF FASHION WORLD! Everybody has a different forté! Bullying and belittling someone for that is SO DISHONORABLE, MEAN and VAIN! . (PS : I could be right or wrong but at least I don't keep shut when being humiliated! It's a lesson for my readers- "Speak up for yourself when oppressors think they are the bosses!") Aaahh!! Bol ke kaleje ko thandak mil gai 😁

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Later Divyanka even wrote a long post on her Instagram handle and asked people to stop such type of behaviour and called this act dishonourably.

Published by Isha Kataria on 29 Jan 2019

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