Esha Deol has a great backstage fun with daughter Radhya before her performance

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Published by Mamatha Reddy on 01 Oct 2018

Bollywood celeb’s children are reining the web and social platform in a majestic manner than their well-known moms and dads! And one such celebrity child is Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani’s cute baby, Radhya Takhtani. Radhya’s delightful images and video recordings turn viral on social platform in no time.

Currently, in one of her newest images shared by Esha, Radhya will make you smile.

Seeing the images (following), it looks that mom Esha Deol is sitting in her makeup room with her cutie pie just before leaving for her performance.

In actual fact, Esha also captioned the pics as, “Backstage fun with my little one #radhyatakhtani #ramayan#danceballet #sita #gratitude”.

Sharing how she manages her work and cute baby at the same time, Esha had then shared, “At the moment she sits on the sofa and watches me during rehearsals, the way I’d watch my mother as a child”.

Esha Deol was married to Bharat Takhtani on June 29, 2012, and Radhya took birth in October 2017.

After Radhya’s birth, commenting on embracing maternity, an elated mom said, “Mamma loved doing things for Ahana and me, and today I understand that sense of joy when I dote and fuss over my little one. It is something that makes you feel complete as a mother. Beautiful Radhya fills up my days and nights. Both Bharat and I are extremely fortunate to be blessed with her in our lives. Radhya is bubbly and always smiling. Sometimes she does mischievous things that instantly bring back memories of my own antics as a child”.

Telling how her life has changed after her birth, Esha added, “Mamma, Ahana and my in-laws comprise a strong support system for Radhya. My life feels more complete now, after having had her. Motherhood has made me more confident, content and relaxed as a person, it has worked like magic for me. A large chunk of my daily routine involves Radhya now. As soon as I finish this interview, it will be her bath time. We maintain a strict routine for her”.

She also said, “Motherhood has also made me imbibe a lot more energy, and the yearning to live life to its fullest. I feel a huge chapter of my life has just started with the arrival of Radhya. Looking into her eyes, I understand why mamma’s eyes light up every time she sees Ahana and me”.

In another interview, proud mom Esha talked about Radhya and stated, “Radhya is a happy baby unless forced to do something she doesn’t want to do. She’s very much my daughter, and there are times when she gives me that Deol look with one eyebrow raised and I feel that I’m looking at myself in the mirror.”

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