Facebook Set to Introduce all New ‘Secret Crush’ Feature For its Users in 19 Countries

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Social Media networking giant Facebook will soon launch a new feature called ‘Secret Crushes’ for its users. According to reports, Facebook is all set to don Tinder hat, providing the same service that dating app Tinder does, albeit Facebook’s version will be a little different.

As per sources, the new feature will allow Facebook’s users to find out if any of their friends on Facebook are romantically interested in them. The services can only be availed by people aged 18 years and above and will be completely free of advertisements and other paid features.

This new feature is part of the Facebook Dating service which has been launched in more than 19 countries across the globe. The service allows users to express romantic interest in as many as 9 nine people from their friends’ list. If any of the short-listed friends use the Dating feature and like the user back, both will be notified of the mutual crush, similar to that of Tinder.

Any person who is a part of your Facebook friend list can be added as your secret crush even if they are not using the service; they will also be notified about someone having a secret crush on them, regardless of whether the person uses the service or not.

Furthermore, multiple reports suggest that the new dating service will also recommend “potential partners” if your interests are similar to each other.  The social media giant feels this new feature would boost its user base as people would be keen to know who their secret admirers are.

There are talks of the Facebook Dating service being very similar to and providing the same kind of service as dating apps Hinge and Tinder. The feature will be integrated with Facebook groups and events as well, so as to enable users to meet their potential partners offline as well.

At present, the dating service is available on the Facebook mobile application in various countries such as: Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore and many more.

Published by Amrit Santlani on 03 May 2019

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