Family members welcome Raj Kundra as he is granted bail; Says, ‘Beautiful things happen after bad storm’

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Published by Dishi Ajmera on 22 Sep 2021

Raj Kundra has returned home and a end of fighting the battle for Shilpa Shetty Kundra. The actress was fighting with all the trolling on social media since the time the arrest had taken place. There were also rumors of them parting their ways after this scandal but now there is a full stop to this. Shilpa Shetty shared a quote on her social media after the bail was granted.

The quote read that Beautiful things can only take place after a bad storm. The actress also shared a quote by Chinese philosopher Confucious which reads,” Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” Hungama 2 actress also wrote a caption to it. The caption interpreted that in life there will be many hurdles you have to face. You will fall 7 times but you have to get up for the 8th time. The rising up demands a lot of courage, strength and power which you have to gain and move ahead as that is Life. Having this practice in your life will only make you a better person.

Family members Shamita Shetty, Sunanda Shetty and Shilpa Shetty welcomed Raj Kundra. The businessman have lost a lot of weight it seems. After a battle of 2 months, things have been in his favor. Raj was arrested regarding uploading pornography on Hotshots app.

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