Fans fondly named Mohit and Sana’s Lockdown Ki Love Story characters ‘SoRuv’

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As the lockdown came into action, the filming of many TV shows was put on halt and even when the filming started, it was done keeping the precautionary measures in mind. Amid all this while many shows made lockdown a part of their narratives and roped the concept into their story lines, Star Plus came up with a new show that has lockdown as its main concept.

The show is about the current burning topic, starring Mohit Malik and Sana Sayyad in the lead roles. The show is named as Lockdown Ki Love Story. It will focus on the couple’s (Dhruv and Sonam) roller-coaster ride as they get holed up in the house along with their families. Having different cultures, tastes and lifestyle, the house turns into a battlefield, while the couple tries hard to sustain their romance.

The show premiered on August 31 and it is already creating quite a buzz on and off-screen. The fresh new concept of the show is being widely accepted by the audiences. And as that happens, Mohit and Sana who are portraying a couple on-screen as Dhruv and Sonam are also being much loved and appreciated. Fans are totally loving their cute chemistry which is being very well received.

Now, everywhere on the social media, the fans and well-wishers of the show, recently even came up with a suitable hashtag for Dhruv and Sonam, naming it to be #SoRuv. Their chemistry seems to be stealing hearts all over already and is becoming quite a favourite among the shows fans who are absolutely loving #SoRuv.

The show has bitter sweet and funny moments between both the families and also a fresh approach towards millennial relationships. The show also stars Jayati Bhatia, Ananya Khare, Deepika Upadhyay, Ashutosh Tiwari and Rakesh Kukreti to name a few.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 16 Sep 2020

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