Fans praise Hina as she backs up Rashami after Jasmin points out she provoked Sidharth

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Bigg Boss season 14 had its Grand Premiere on October 3, 2020 and it definitely grabbed everyone’s attention. From fantastic list of contestants to expectations due to season 13’s success, there are so many reasons that got the fans excited for this season. One of the contestants on the show that was introduced during premiere was Jasmin Bhasin. And she has already made her way to the headlines.

Television actress Jasmin Bhasin is known for a lot of remarkable work she did, from Naagin to Dil Se Dil Tak. And that being said, she has a good track record when it comes to reality shows as well. Jasmin was the fourth contestant to be introduced during the grand premiere. And she had an interactive session with the show’s host Salman Khan that made Hina back up Rashami Desai.

During the interaction, she spoke about her journey, personality, shows, etc. Later Salman asked her a question about Rashami to which she answered that Rashami played her own game.

She added that Sidharth can be provoked very easily and she would make sure she does not get provoked easily. Furthermore, she also said that she felt that Rashami ‘provoked’ Sidharth and she wouldn’t do that either.

After that, Salman asked the special panel, Hina Khan, Sidharth Shukla and Gauahar Khan, about their verdict on Jasmin. Though initially three of them had different views, Hina Khan said “I agree to some things that she said, but something things did not suit me. Like the way she pointed out Rashami (Desai) saying that she used to poke Sidharth.”

To this, the rest of the panel didn’t seem to line up and they thought that it was a clever answer. While Hina further added that she does not know what went on between Rashami and Sidharth in the BB 13 house. She said that what a viewer interprets may be different from reality. Later, the panel cleared Jasmin after a few tests. But, the way Hina backed up Rashami on stage surely won fans’ hearts and they started praising Hina for her act.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 05 Oct 2020

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