Farah Khan hits back at trolls on Arbaaz Khan’s show ‘Pinch’; Talks about nepotism and body shaming

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Published by Bhavya Shah on 30 Aug 2021

In the recent teaser of the popular Arbaaz Khan show ‘Pinch’, Farah decided to read a few of the trolls that she’s been getting and give them a befitting response.

As the teaser commenced, Farah talked about how everyone who owns a smartphone readily assumes that they are film critics and have all the knowledge regarding movies. People also pounce on her if she says ‘hello’, asking her why could she not greet with a ‘namaste’ or ‘salaam’. To the people who still troll her for Tees Maar Khan, which was a disaster at the box office, she says that it’s a 10 year-old thing, and that its about time people move on.

One such troll labelled Khan as ‘fat’, asking how her kids were thin while she wasn’t. She simply answered that he/she could look after their kids while she’ll look after hers. Evidently, diplomacy is an art and one can learn it from Farah.

As for the ongoing nepotism debate, Farah told the audience that while they kept singing hymns of nepotism, at the end, they’d still drool over pictures of Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter and Kareena Kapoor’s son.

While only the teaser has been released as yet, the full episode airs on Wednesday.

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