I Do Have A Fetish For Good Shoes & Keep Finding New Trends: BB14’s Nishant Singh Malkani

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Bigg Boss season 14 is the talk of the town now. The participants have already started arguing over every big and small issue. They are creating various dramas. Small screen star Nishant Singh Malkani is getting attention among the contestants. He is spontaneously doing all the tasks given in the controversial BB14 house. Nishant has a cool fetish that is also noticeable.

TV star Nishant has craziness over shoes. Earlier, he told in an interview that once he used to wear a pair of white shoes for a long time. He needs a large pair of shoes that is usually unavailable in regular shops. When he wanted to buy shoes, he got to know that no. 12 is the largest available size and that wouldn’t match his feet. He overcame this problem with the help of some websites. Now he has a huge collection and often buys new pairs of shoes.

Nishant had revealed that he has a collection of 110 pairs of shoes currently. Even he has a dedicated rack in his closet only for the shoes. Whenever any latest style or trend catches his eyes, he increases his collection by getting them.

“I do have a fetish for good shoes! There is a walk-in closet in my apartment, and the lower portion is dedicated to them. Currently, I have 110 pairs of shoes. I keep looking for the latest trends and styles and include them in my collection,” he stated.

So fans can have glimpses of some shoes from his huge collection in the BB house too. Nishant has a huge fan base as he is a popular face of television. He got fame from the show ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’. Fans enjoyed his dashing entry in the Bigg Boss house and they came to know soon that the actor is very short-tempered. Now the viewers are waiting for his next performances as per the orders of the seniors.

Published by Ricky Tandon on 07 Oct 2020

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