Filmmaker Ram Gopal Verma accused of duping Hyderabad production house of Rs 56 lakhs

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Published by Aakash Khuman on 25 May 2022

The film director, Ram Gopal Varma, is the target of an official complaint of cheating that was filed in Hyderabad. One of the owners of a production house has accused RGV of defrauding him after allegedly “borrowing” 56 lakh Indian rupees from him.

According to information provided to the news agency PTI by Coptic sources, the incident has been reported to the Miyapur police station. The complainant said that he first met Ram Gopal Varma in 2019 through a common friend. The following year, the director asked the complainant for a loan of eight lakh rupees, claiming that it was necessary for the production of the upcoming Telugu film Disha.

According to the allegations, Ram Gopal Varma made another request for 20 lakh on January 22, 2020. This sum was to be paid back as a loan by check. He had committed to repaying the sum within a period of half a year. RGV said that he needed the next month’s money to pay for unexpected costs that came up while making his movie.

According to a report by PTI, the lawsuit states that “Believing his statement, 28 lakh was given to Varma, and at that time he committed to reimburse the complete sum of 56 lakh on or before the release of the movie Disha.” This statement was taken directly from the complaint. It went on to say that the proprietor learned in January 2021 that RGV was not the maker of Disha. This information was provided by the proprietor.

His filmography includes the crime drama Satya, the thriller Kaun, the gangster films Company and Sarkar, and the horror movie Bhoot. RGV is most well-known for his work in the film industry. His most recent adventure, Khatra, is centered on homosexual love affairs.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, RGV discussed the topic of his movie by saying, “When it comes to my film, we had to find a medium between not having the themes put on the posters and everything, and the audience finding out about it when they enter inside the theatre.” This means that the battle will go on. The corporation is more responsive to the feelings of the general population. Nobody can really predict how the general population would respond, but some people are concerned that they could feel ashamed or offended by it.

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