Gauri Khan shares a lovely picture of Abram with Shah Rukh Khan and we are awkstruck!

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 20 Mar 2019

Abram Khan is one of the most loved celebrity kids out there. Whenever there is a picture of him on social media it immediately has the attention of fans. The internet recently went into ‘awws’ after Gauri Khan posted a picture of Shah Rukh and Abram. It was a really special gesture of Gauri Khan as she welcomed both of them back home with the picture.

With the picture, Gauri Khan wrote  “Courchevel. The winter playground.” in the caption. The picture seems to be of French – Ski Resort. Both of them wear headgear in the picture which seems to be worn by the Native American Tribes.

Soon the internet took over the picture and a lot of people had something to say about it. Fans, on one hand, appreciated the cuteness of the picture, on the other hand, there were people who had to say something about the culture in this picture. A user commented on the post, “Bollywood really needs to learn another cultures symbols and practices arent for our aesthetics.” Another user asked, “Yo, ain’t nobody understand cultural appropriation?”

This is not the first time a star was held down for Cultural Appropriation by the internet. In the recent events, Sara Ali Khan was also called out for Cultural Appropriation for her picture where she posed along with Masai Tribeman jumping especially for the sake of the picture. The shoot was done for Filmfare and the picture was extremely beautiful but sadly the internet has to say something else for it.

The Internet is not wrong always. Somewhere or the other Bollywood has to learn to respect other cultures and not look at everything as aesthetics.  The world respects Indian culture and we should reciprocate the same way. But we cannot ignore the fact that Abram looks really cute in the headwear and the whole attire along with his dad.

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