Geeta Basra spills the beans on arguments with Harbhajan Singh: “Usually, it is about Hinaya”

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Published by Diya Khetrapal on 13 May 2021

Geeta Basra, who has been wed to cricketer Harbhajan Singh since 2015, says their most heated arguments revolve around their daughter Hinaya. She claims that he is more laid-back than she is, despite the fact that she is tougher and the “bad cop.”

Geeta revealed to Bollywood Bubble what she and Harbhajan mostly argue over, “Just random, normal… Woh toh hona hi hai na (That is bound to happen.) Little tiffs here and there. Usually, it is about Hinaya only. Something or the other where I am disagreeing, and he is like, ‘Chalo, jaane do yaar (Just let it be)’.”

She added, “I am always the one who has to be the bad cop and lay the discipline because he is never there and then he comes for a few weeks and he is like, ‘theek hai, jaane de’, ‘isko karne de’ (‘let it be’, ‘let her do what she is doing). I am like, no.”

Geeta and Harbhajan began dating soon after she began working in the film industry. They married on October 29, 2015, and their daughter Hinaya is four years old. They revealed they are expecting their second child in a social media update in March. The baby is expected to arrive in July.

In a previous interview with Hindustan Times, Geeta discussed the trend of wives and girlfriends being chastised if cricketers’ on-field success isn’t up to par. She said “People who’re diehard fans of the sport, they need some kind of excuse, or scapegoat. For them, wives and girlfriends are easy targets. They target them and say it happened because of them, they’re a bad omen, but don’t say anything when someone does perform well.”

In 2006, Geeta had rendered her Bollywood debut in Dil Diya Hai, alongside Emraan Hashmi. She joined the cast in movies such as The Train, Mr. Joe B Carvalho, and Second Hand Husband.

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