Gehana Vasisth asks that if the police have ‘enough proof already’, why are they keeping Raj Kundra in custody?

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Published by Swathy S on 03 Aug 2021

Gehana Vasisth, who is now out on bail relating to the pornography case, has recently came live in a video session to announce that the arrest of Raj Kundra is illegal.

Talking to ETimes, Gehana has told that “His arrest is completely illegal because the police have kept him in custody for 7-8 days and in the meanwhile they have taken his mobile phone, laptop, CDs and bank account details. If they want to make enquiries, they have enough proof already. Where is the need for them to keep him in custody? The chargesheet has been filed for months now”.

The police officials have said that several number of porn videos were recovered from Raj Kundra. Gehana claims that they weren’t making porn contents but erotica and she had been defending Raj from the day he got arrested. She also claimed that the allegations and supposition against them are without any proof.

Gehana said, “They claim that 91 videos have been found. They can say anything. Where is the proof? They had said the same thing when I was arrested; that they had found 80-odd videos. That is the reason I conducted a live video session yesterday, where I was nude. It wasn’t vulgar and didn’t fall under the porn category. Cover dekh ke andar ki cheez decide kar lena galat baat hai (You can’t judge a book by its cover). Raj Kundra’s name was not mentioned in the chargesheet and if it was mentioned why was he not arrested back then. Why did the police swing into action after 6 months?”.

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