Glimpses of Bollywood’s adorable toddlers at their mischievous best

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Kids are like the miracle of life, they bring joy and happiness into your life. Once a couple or an individual embarks the journey of parenthood, every challenge in front of them feels worth of the  smile on their child’s face. It’s like therapy to watch your kids play, talk, sing, and experience all kinds of little joys of life.

Internet is filled with pictures and videos of kids having fun and being mischiveous while their parents are busy capturing every adorable moment. Bollywood as well has kids who don’t even try to be adorable they just naturally melt anyone’s heart with their pure smiles. Let’s take a look at every time toddlers of Bollywood won over the internet with their mischievous side.

Published by Vidhutma Singhania on 22 Nov 2020

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