Guy Ritchie’s Aladdin is a delight to watch and one should not miss this one

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 23 May 2019

It is said that one should not create a remake of iconic things, movies, and painting as it can never be as good as the original bu Guy Ritchie’s movie Aladdin has proven all the saying wrong. Instead of messing with the work of gold, Guy took the best from the Disney fairytale and just added a little bit of his touch and gave us the 2019 version.

The thought of casting Will Smith as Genie was incredibly smart and on the point. The beloved character from the film was perfectly portrayed by the amazing actor.  It was really amazing seeing Will Smith doing exactly like the original gin, the same quirkiness and sense of humor, just amazing. The chemistry of Mena and Naomi took us to another world. It will immediately take you back to your childhood as it is so refreshing and seeing your favorite characters like Abu and Iago and of course, what’s a hero without a villain to defeat? Our very own Jafar.

We can’t talk about Aladdin without the music and A Whole New World deserves a special mention. Naomi’s vocal range is unbelievable and classic Broadway while Mena and Will add a modern twist to the classics. At times the musical breaks deviated from the storyline but the choreography in many had this Bollywood fans heart melting. In case you cringed when you saw Will in Student of the Year 2, Aladdin more than makes up for it.

The storyline is amazing and mostly the great dialogues were said by Ginnie and Jafar. The VFX that are used in the film is top notch, especially with Ginnie’s role. In the end, You will be left satisfied and happy with the film.

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