If you’re happy then age gap doesn’t matter, says Rahul Dev on dating Mugdha Godse

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Love knows no limits and no boundaries. We have seen various Bollywood couples that are having a significant age gap like Milind and Ankita and still they give us major couple goals with their PDA. One such lovely couple is Mugdha Godse and Rahul Dev. This couple often catches the headlines because of their age gap.

Rahul is 51-years of age and Mugdha is 33. That is an age gap of 18 years. But the couple doesn’t care about what people are saying about them and they are just happy with each other.

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A little back story — Rahul got married at an early age of 24, but his wife left this world in 2009 due to health issues. From this marriage, he has a son Siddharth, who was just 11-years of age when his mom left the world.

Coming back to the love birds Rahul and Mugdha, the couple has never got any disrespectful comments on social media and even their fans love to see them together.

In 2015, Mugdha Godse revealed that she was dating Rahul Dev. And, as of recent, Rahul was on the show Pro Music Countdown, when he was asked about his relationship. The actor said when his wife was struggling due to her health issues in the year 2009, he decided to spend time with her and son Siddharth. After that, when he met Mugdha at a friend’s wedding, everything changed.

Tending to the 18-year age-gap between them, Rahul is very clear about his relationship. He said if you are happy with each other, then age gap doesn’t matter. It’s the love that binds you and not the age.

Published by Ishan Soni on 07 Mar 2020

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