Happy Birthday to Bollywood’s beloved and favorite celebrity kid, Suhana Khan.

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Published by Vijay Sisodiya on 22 May 2019

Suhana Khan is Shah Rukh Khan’s and Gauri Khan’s only daughter and she has two loving brothers, Aryan and Abram. Suhana Khan is yet to make her debut in the Bollywood Industry. In an interview, Shah Rukh Khan revealed that she is very much into acting. In six months she will be completing her education and then she will be going to an institute to study the art of acting and theatre for three years. Which ensures that she will be going to a proper procedure of being an actor and will not start like an unprofessional kid who loves acting. On the other hand, Suhana is also best friends with the actress who recently made her debut in the industry, Ananya Panday. Suhana and Ananya have been friends since childhood and they are the closest of all, so much so that Ananya Panday refers to Shah Rukh Khan as her second dad.

Here are a few lovely pictures of the lovely girl on her 19th Birthday:

Suhana Khan’s bond with her besties.

Suhana Khan is extremely close to Ananya Panday and Maheep Kapoor. They have been together since all of their childhood and their parents know how important they are to each other. Acting passion is equally divided into three of them. All of the three wanted to be an actor since childhood, they even used to mimic their parents when they were young.

Suhana Khan, young and now.


When she was really young, Suhana used to be the coolest and most innocent looking kid. She still looks innocent and she is still the coolest but what changed is the girl is all grown up and looks even more beautiful now. Suhana Khan is already a trendsetter and even though her Instagram is private, she has a lot of fans pages and steals the limelight wherever she goes.

Suhana Khan and Brothers.

Suhan Khan shares an adorable bond with her brothers, especially the little khan. She loves her family and brothers to the end of the world which is adorable.

Suhana Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

For Shah Rukh Khan, Suhana is her lucky charm. Shah Rukh Khan revealed that Suhana is his world and he loves her very much because she is the only girl he has. He also said once that sometimes his girl really does things that surprise him on another level. For Suhana, Shah Rukh Khan is her superhero just like every girl in the world thinks of her father. Shah Rukh Khan is always the great support that Suhana needed.

Suhana Khan and Gauri Khan.

Gauri Khan is absolutely in love with her daughter just like Shah Rukh Khan. But for Gauri Khan, she connects to Suhana on a very another level. Both of them share a very strong mom and daughter bond.

Happy Birthday to the loveliest girl in the whole Bollywood!

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