Happy Birthday Shaan: From stangers to lovers, how Shaan fell in love with wife Radhika

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Published by Amrit Santlani on 28 Sep 2019

Shantanu Banerjee aka Shaan has one of the most melodious voices in the whole of Bollywood. He has given us fans some really sweet memories and numerous wonderful songs. The singer celebrates his 47th birthday today, and on a related note, we take a look at the sweet love story of Shaan and his wife Radhika.

From strangers to lovers, Radhika and Shaan’s love story resembles a Bollywood movie’s script in real life. These two met each other the first time through a case of mistaken identity. Coincidently, Radhika mistook Shaan for someone called Akbar, and it was later that she got to know his real name.

However, as Shaan recalled in an earlier interview, destiny wanted them to meet again. He revealed, “Actually, at 24, I found this 18-year-old to be naive and childish. But there were lots of coincidences that kept happening – like, she would be walking into a restaurant and I would be walking out of it, or we would bump into each other at a friend’s party, unplanned. There was certain chemistry and mystery between us which drew me to her.”

With time they became close and eventually fell in love. Shaan proposed Radhika in a very sweet way. She recalls, “He proposed to me in the most romantic manner. We were on the beach; he went on his knees and said, ‘with the sea, the sky and the air as witness, I ask you to marry me’! It felt like a dream.”

However, as Shaan was an artist and Radhika came from a business-minded family, the couple had a hard time convincing Radhika’s parents. The age gap between them also was a stumbling issue but somehow Shaan’s smile conquered Radhika’s parents.

She revealed, “When he came over to meet my parents, he wore silver pants and a gaudy shirt. My dad was shocked and asked me if I was planning to marry a trapeze artist. But with his charming smile, he won over my parents.”

The couple got married soon and were later blessed with two baby boys Soham and Shubh. Radhika and Shaan have since been living happily and on a related note, we wish Shaan a very happy birthday.

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