Harbhajan looses cool on Hardik and Rahul, says they tried to look cool but they were not

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Published by Shifa Naz on 12 Jan 2019

Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul’s presence in the talk show and their unexpected statements have put them into the limelight. After Kohli’s confession and Hardik Pandya’s apology on his social media account. Another statement by Harbhajan Singh is grabbing the attention.

Harbhajan Singh, who is a great Indian bowler is unhappy with the comments given by the cricketers on Karan’s coffee show. The players are now suspended from the series but look what Bhajji has to say about them in a statement given to India Today, “They have openly said.. ‘I have done this, I have done that’. It was shocking to me. Many of my seniors, my friends have been talking about it and it has been shocking to all of them. He [Hardik] tried to look cool on TV by putting other players also on the same level. People might think that Harbhajan Singh is one of them, Anil Kumble is also one of them and Sachin Tendulkar is also one of them. We are not like them. This is wrong. They need to understand they play cricket and people treat them as gods. They can’t go out and say such things while pretending to be cool. You’re making fool out of yourself. This definitely was going to happen.”


“Look, the punishment could be a two-match or three-match ban. That will not change anything. Their reputation was at stake, they have lost the trust of their teammates. If he comes and stands next to you at a party, would you like to stand next to him? I will not travel along with these two guys on the same bus because if my daughter if my wife is traveling in the team bus….how would they feel? You are looking at women in only one angle? That’s not right. “It’s actually hurting us. He is bringing everyone’s reputation on the stake, including Sachin Tendulkar’s and all that of these great players who have played for the country for more than 20 years. He’s talking about using other teammates’ room. ‘C’mon man what are you talking about? You have been in the team for only one year. What do you know about the team,” he added further to his statement.


Well, we really do treat Indian cricketers as God, and this behavior was unbearable, the entire nation is upset with their confessions on Karan’s show.

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